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Probe puts spotlight on suppliers after fatal collapse. Cape Times 27 August 2009.

New evidence in the labour Department probe into a fatal construction accident collapse in Stellenbosch last year has put the spotlight firmly on suppliers. The department released a statement after its meeting in Cape Town yesterday with Hire All, Hire Solutions, Hire Mac and Velvet Products, saying it was seeking clarity on whether the props used in the construction were of acceptable standard. A prop is an object placed beneath or against a structure to keep it from falling or shaking. It serves as a mean of support. In this instance, these props were used to support the concrete slab that collapsed on the workers who were toiling under the concrete slab. The collapse occurred on 9 June 2008, during the renovation of a derelict building in Distillery street. It left three workers dead and four others with serious injuries. Presiding officer Phumi Maphaha said the meeting sought to establish whether the props used in the building were of an acceptable standard as per the specifications of the Engineering Council of South Africa and whether they complied with SABS standards. He was also examining whether the manufacturers and suppliers adhered to section 10