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Dear Subscribers

It has been just over a month since I migrated – rather reluctantly – to a new website at www.klasslooch.com. While it has some novel innovations, it does have some limitations. I cannot, for example, post password blocked information on the site and I am exploring using Acrobat or Microsoft software where I post interesting articles on their servers and you access it via a password supplied to you by me.

I am now officially launching the new site. Try it out and tell me what you think. I have introduced a Subscriber Blogpage where you can share OHS concerns with me and amongst each other. You will require a password and don’t be shy to use it as the exchange of OHS information is extremely valuable. I will comment or advise on each blog and everyone can access it. The password for blogging is klass (lower case). Share it with any interested party with your organisation.

This site differs my OHS Forumpage which is open to all but differs from the Subscriber Blog page which will enjoy my instant attention. You will also notice that I am about to open bookings for my first OHS Legislation roadshows since 2007. I have purposely decided to hold them in October and November to enable me to compile a brand new show and to engage potential participants in creating more informative workshops. In what may be a first, I have created a ‘Suggestions’page. This will guide me as to common OHS concerns and, if any suggestions warrant inclusion , I will include them in the Agenda.

I am very pleased with the venues that I have organised for the workshops. In Port Elizabethand Johannesburgthe workshops will be held in state-of-the-art auditoriums with elevated seating, while in Cape Town I got an Opening Special at the new Five Star Mandela Rhodes Place. The Durban venue is also great, the Riverside Hotelon the banks of the Umgeni River. All venues have ample free parking. To avoid traffic hassles – in Johannesburg and Cape Town in particular – the workshops will commence at 09h30 until 15h00. (I will stay longer to address individual questions). I don’t need a bunch of road-enraged dikbek participants! Naturally I will be feeding you.

As Subscribers, depending on the type of Subscription, you will automatically be entitled to 10% to 25% discount per delegate including other generous Early Bird, On-Line and Group Bookings. GOLD Subscribers could, for example, earn as much as 45% discount per delegate. I will send out invitations the moment I go ‘live’ with the bookings. The fee, minus Subscriber Discounts, will be R1754.40 +R245.60 VAT which is more-or-less my hourly fee and participants get more than 4 hours free!

Come to think of it, there is no prejudice in creating a Special Subscriber Pre Early Bird ‘Egg’ booking. Instant 20% discount per delegate plus Subscriber Discounts. GOLD = 25%, SILVER = 15% and BRONZE 10% discount per delegate.

I think you now appreciate why I am slightly delinquent with newsletters. Building a website myself with no training is no mean feat. I will make it up to you. Someone once suggested that I garner evaluations of my performances. I dragged my feet until now but it is a great advertising tool. In addition I have the luxury of only publishing the nice things. So if you have something nice to say – even a one-liner – go to the ‘Appraisal’