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Occupational Health and Safety Turnaround Strategy

The strategy will focus on the following key elements:policy and legislation advocacy/communication human resource development inspectorate operations

The strategic objectives are as follows:to raise the profile of occupational health and safety (OHS) to provide support to stakeholders and provincial offices to ensure an effective and efficient OHS inspection service delivery to ensure the restructuring of OHS competencies to develop effective OHS legislation and policies aligned to changes in the labour market and OHS environment.

OHS advocacy and awareness campaign

Distribute pamphlets and posters

Advertise in newspapers

Target specific industries

Publish an enforcement report annually

The Programme of Action will address the following issues:

Establishing of partnerships Organise health and safety representative seminars

Publish an OHS Accord Establish regional and national OHS forums

Develop training guidelines

Addressing internal human resources issues

Training of inspectors Developing career paths for OHS inspectors

Providing the necessary equipment for inspectors to perform their duties

Operational strategies to be executed

Establish an OHS incident support team

Develop an OHS national plan

Develop an inspectorate audit plan

Legislative/policy matters

Review OHS Act

Address limited scope for inspectors

Develop compliance assistance and enforcement policy