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“There will be assistance for those who are in hospital to be well treated, there will be assistance for those who have to be buried. There will also be compensation that will have to go through the channels of our various institutions,” President Ramaphosa said. (COIDA).

COIDA Section 22. Right of Employee to Compensation

(1) If an employee meets with an accident resulting in his disablement or death such employee or the dependants of such employee shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, be entitled to the benefits provided for and prescribed in this Act.

(2) No periodical payments shall be made in respect of temporary total disablement or temporary partial disablement which lasts for three days or less.
(a) If an accident is attributable to the serious and wilful misconduct of the employee, no compensation shall be payable in terms of this Act, unless -
(i) the accident results in serious disablement; or
(ii) the employee dies in consequence thereof leaving a dependant wholly financially dependent upon him.
(b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a) the Director-General may, and the employer individually liable or mutual association concerned, as the case may be, shall, if ordered thereto by the Director-General, pay the cost of medical aid or such portion thereof as the Director-General may determine.
(4) For the purposes of this Act an accident shall be deemed to have arisen out of and in the course of the employment of an employee notwithstanding that the employee was at the time of the accident acting contrary to any law applicable to his employment or to any order by or on behalf of his employer, or that he was acting without any order of his employer, if the employee was, in the opinion of the Director-General, so acting for the purposes of or in the interests of or in connection with the business of his employer.
(5) For the purposes of this Act the conveyance of an employee free of charge to or from his place of employment for the purposes of his employment by means of a vehicle driven by the employer himself or one of his employees and specially provided by his employer for the purpose of such conveyance, shall be deemed to take place in the course of such employee's employment.

COIDA. Section 35. Substitution of compensation for other legal remedies

(1)  No action shall lie by an employee or any dependant of an employee for the recovery of damages in respect of any occupational injury or disease resulting in the disablement or death of such employee against such employee's employer, and no liability for compensation on the part of such employer shall arise save under the provisions of this Act in respect of such disablement or death.
(2)  For the purposes of subsection (1) a person referred to in section 56(1)(b), (c), (d) and (e) shall be deemed to be an employer.

(b)  an employee charged by the employer with the management or control of the business or of any branch or department thereof;
(c)  an employee who has the right to engage or discharge employees on behalf of the employer;
(d) an engineer appointed to be in general charge of machinery, or of a person appointed to assist such engineer in terms of any regulation made under the Minerals Act, 1991 (Act No. 50 of 1991); or
(e)  of a person appointed to be in charge of machinery in terms of any regulation made under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993.,

See also  https://www.fem.co.za/ and  https://www.randmutual.co.za/

OHS Act. Section 33. Joint inquiries

(1) The provisions of section 32 shall not affect the provisions of any law requiring and regulating inquests or other inquiries in case of death resulting from other than natural causes, and in respect of each incident referred to in that section in which or in consequence of which any person has died there shall be held, in addition to an inquiry under the said section, such inquest or inquiry as is required by any such law, but an inquiry under the said section and an inquest held by a judicial officer under the Inquests Act, 1959 (Act No. 58 of 1959), may be held jointly.

(2) At such a joint inquiry and inquest the judicial officer shall preside and thereupon the provisions of the Inquests Act, 1959, shall apply, but the inspector and the judicial officer shall each make the report required of them by section 32 (9) and that Act, respectively.


You may find this civil case – as opposed to criminal (OHS Act) - Appellate Division (SCA) interesting. It analyses the factors which could create employer vicarious liability for the wrongful acts or omissions of a contractor It aligns with section 37 of the OHS Act which can trigger vicarious criminal liability.

OHS Act. Section 37. Acts or omissions by employees or mandataries

(1) Whenever an employee does or omits to do any act which it would be an offence in terms of this Act for the employer of such employee or a user to do or omit to do, then, unless it is proved that -
(a) in doing or omitting to do that act the employee was acting without the connivance or permission of the employer or any such user;
(b) it was not under any condition or in any circumstance within the scope of the authority of the employee to do or omit to do an act, whether lawful or unlawful, of the character of the act or omission charged; and
(c) all reasonable steps were taken by the employer or any such user to prevent any act or omission of the kind in question, the employer himself shall be presumed to have done or omitted to do that act, and shall be liable to be convicted and sentenced in respect thereof; and the fact that he issued instructions forbidding any act or omission of the kind in question shall not, of itself, be accepted as sufficient proof that he took all reasonable steps to prevent the act or omission.

(2) The provisions of subsection (1) shall mutatis mutandis apply in the case of a mandatary of any employer or user except if the parties have agreed in writing to the arrangements and procedures between them to ensure compliance by the mandatary with the provisions of this Act.

"mandatary" includes an agent, a contractor or a subcontractor for work, but without derogating from his status in his own right as an employer or a user.

Langley_fox.pdf (181.98KB)
Langley_fox.pdf (181.98KB)

Click on the link for the video of my presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFroaPfKWLY


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Opinion_CR11_2.pdf (142.79KB)
Opinion_CR11_2.pdf (142.79KB)


DEL's interpretation's of a competent Person.


Apart from the construction regulations which recognises the statutory appointments of managers, supervisors and safety officers, the current OHS Act and draft OHS Amendment Bill fail to recognise any statutory appointments with the exception of the 16(2) individual – which is not even a compulsory written appointment and the GMR2 appointments. This also contradicts the MHS Act.  The UK OHS legislation has a great solution which I embrace providing for all statutory appointments albeit senior, middle managers, supervisors and even safety practitioners. It recognises  the importance of devolved statutory appointments where, in the equivalent of section 8, it reads:

  • Every employer shall appoint one or more competent persons to assist him in undertaking the measures he needs to take to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed upon him by or under the relevant statutory provisions.
  • The employer shall ensure that the number of persons appointed, the time available for them to fulfil their functions and the means at their disposal are adequate having regard to the size of his undertaking, the risks to which his employees are exposed and the distribution of those risks throughout the undertaking’.

Click on the link below for the interview with Dr Sanjay Munnoo FEM Chief Business Development Officer on Enca.


Below. Advocate Raynard Looch's full Interview at the SAIOSH Conference 2023.


DEL Chief Inspector Milly Ruiters - “OHS Prepare and Prevent Instead of Repair and Repent.” 22 June 2023.


2023 Saiosh Health and Safety Conference Highlights


The draft Rehabilitation Reintegration & Return-to-Work regulations have been published for comment in terms of the COID Act.

Great presentation by Stuart Hughes - Head of health & Safety Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team & IOSH President elect.

Above Left. Neels Nortje CEO of SAIOSH. Middle. Ms. Milly Ruiters Chief Inspector, Department of Employment & Labour. Right. Tibor Svana former Chief Inspector. 


In my view the draft OHS Amendment Bill will be set aside on review. Obviously someone / entity will need to take it on review. It fails to align itself with the Constitution as I outline in this PDF. document. (These are my notes I used for my presentation at the Annual SAIOSH Conference 2023.

Above. My presentation to the Master Builders Association Western Cape on 23 February 2023 on the draft OHS Amendment Bill.

The SAIOSH Technical Commitee (TC) commenced analysiing two draft regulations (below) on 31 October 2022. I am a member & have published the TC's comments below.

Draft Noise Induced Hearing Loss Regulationsd (NIHL) and the draft Physical Agents Regulations below:

Advocate Raynard  Looch  presenting at a SAIOSH sponsored workshop in Cape Town on the draft OHS Amendment Bill. 

A Clip of Industrial (OHS) Theatre. SAIOSH Conference. May 2020


(YouTube).The DEL Chief Inspector's presentation at the annual SAIOSH Conference. May 2022.
The draft OHS Amendment Bill & related enforcement issues.
Phumi_utube_may_22.pptx (48.75KB)
(YouTube).The DEL Chief Inspector's presentation at the annual SAIOSH Conference. May 2022.
The draft OHS Amendment Bill & related enforcement issues.
Phumi_utube_may_22.pptx (48.75KB)
The Draft Mine Health & Safety Amendment Bill 2022
Draft_MHS_Bill_2022.pdf (818.48KB)
The Draft Mine Health & Safety Amendment Bill 2022
Draft_MHS_Bill_2022.pdf (818.48KB)

Department of Employment & Labour's presenation on the Draft OHS Amndment Bill & more.
The new Chief Inspector, Phumi Maphaha, presented this presentation at the annual SAIOSH Conference on 1 June 2022.
DEL IES OHS SAIOSH_original_ 2022.pptx (990.02KB)
Department of Employment & Labour's presenation on the Draft OHS Amndment Bill & more.
The new Chief Inspector, Phumi Maphaha, presented this presentation at the annual SAIOSH Conference on 1 June 2022.
DEL IES OHS SAIOSH_original_ 2022.pptx (990.02KB)

The Draft OHS Amendment Bill.
A preview of my upcoming PowerPoint Presentation to SAIOSH members later next month.
SAIOSH_RHL_june_22.pptx (550.16KB)
The Draft OHS Amendment Bill.
A preview of my upcoming PowerPoint Presentation to SAIOSH members later next month.
SAIOSH_RHL_june_22.pptx (550.16KB)
The Department of Employment & Labour's original presenation on the draft OHS Amendment Bill..
Sadly DEL's take on the Bill fails the Constitutionality Test.
SAIOSH_DEL_june_22.ppt (2.93MB)
The Department of Employment & Labour's original presenation on the draft OHS Amendment Bill..
Sadly DEL's take on the Bill fails the Constitutionality Test.
SAIOSH_DEL_june_22.ppt (2.93MB)

No-one is immune to prosecution in terms of the OHS Act, yet it is mostly employers and users of plant and machinery who are exposed to criminal prosecution. The reason for this is to be found in the extensive duties which the OHS Act imposes upon them, thereby creating a host of legal rights for employees sections 8 and 13, persons in general (non employees) section 9, recipients of articles and substances manufactured, imported and supplied and utilised at a workplace, clients for whom articles (including structures) are designed, erected or installed. (Section 10) read with the Construction Regulations). Criminal liability emanates from the infringement of these statutory rights by employers or users. Juristic persons or corporate bodies along with natural persons such as the CEO and his or her team of section 16(2)“Assigned Persons’ are regarded as employers and users for prosecution purposes. Employers can also be held vicariously liable for wrongdoings of contractors in terms of section 37.

The duties placed upon employers & users are not absolute but are tempered with reasonability and practicability. What the Labour Court says in this regard:

‘Sections 8 and 9 therefore place a duty on the employer to act proactively to avoid any harm or injury to its employees and others. There is no standard as to what is reasonably practicable. Each case will have to be determined on its own facts and circumstances. As can be seen from the definition of reasonably practicable it involves weighing different considerations from risk evaluation, means of removing or avoiding the risk, resource availability and a cost-benefit analysis. In Edwards v National Coal Board, Lord Justice Asquith stated:

"Reasonably practicable as traditionally interpreted, is a narrower term than 'physically possible' and implies that a computation must be made in which the quantum of risk is placed in one scale and the sacrifice, whether in money, time or trouble involved in the measure necessary to avert the risk is placed in the other; and that, if it is shown that there is a gross disproportion between them, the risk being insignificant in relation to the sacrifice, the person upon who the duty is laid discharges the burden of proving that compliance was not reasonably practicable." Pikitup (SOC) Limited v South African Municipal Workers' Union obo members and others [2014] (LAC)

The broad duties of employers (mines & works) in the Mine Health & Safety Act is contained in sections 5 to 19

Employers have OHS rights too. How does an employer earn such rights?

Start by training your employees into their duties. The opposite of a 'Right' is a "Duty'. If employees have duties, employers have rights. They are not automatic rights as those enjoyed by employees but must be earned. By training employees into their duties, employers earn rights! In the OHS Act section 14 is a good point of departure. Similarly in the MHS Act start with section 22

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 1986 and had been responsible for providing outstanding legal advice, legal representation and OHS legislation workshops ever since. Our business is located in Johannesburg.

SAIOSH Annual Conference 31 May to 2 June 2022. 

The draft OHS Amendment Bill 2020. 'Back to the Drawing Board'.

Dear Raynard Looch,

Thank you very much for attending Teaming up for Safety, the first virtual conference from DuPont Personal Protection. It was a pleasure for us to host the event and collaborate with our partners to prepare this 2-day digital event for you. We hoped you enjoyed the event as much as we did.



I am also proud to be associated with a body which has been established for Occupational Health & Safety Professionals. The South African Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (SAIOSH) has been established by dedicated safety practitioners for whom I tremendous respect and with whom I have been associated for decades. I encourage you to visit their website. Visit www.saiosh.co.za

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