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Employer OHS Champion since 1986 



Klass Looch Associates was formed in 1986 by former specialised Occupational Health and Safety Court prosecutors to advise employers (individuals and corporate bodies) on compliance with occupational health and safety legislation and to represent employers at inquisitorial procedures and criminal trials pertaining to occupational health and safety legislation. Inquisitorial procedures are held by inspectors attached to the Departments of Labour and Mineral and Energy.

Advocate Raynard Looch is currently the Managing Member of Klass Looch Associates. I obtained my BA.LLB at Pretoria University and joined the Department of Justice in 1983 and was admitted to the Bar as an advocate in 1984. He served as a prosecutor in the Mining Court (OHS Court) until resigning in 1986 to form Klass Looch Associates after identifying a need to offer employers a specialised service. Since 1986 he has successfully represented many employers in criminal matters pertaining to the occupational health and safety legislation and is the author of The Guideline to the Machinery & Occupational Safety Act. He has delivered many papers on the Act and regularly write articles on the Act to a variety of specialised magazines.

He was born in Pretoria. Attended primary school in Durban and Pretoria and high school at Pretoria Boys High School. Klass Looch Associates is a Corporate Member of SAIOSH and a moderator on various legal Advice forums. These forums enable members to obtain free OHS legal advice from Advocate Raynard Looch & other moderators.

Klass Looch Associates acts independently of SAIOSH. Advocate Raynard Looch also routinely volunteers to participate in free SAIOSH OHS Workshops.

 Advocate Raynard Looch

SAIOSH Roadshow 2017


 Training DoL inspectors 2013















SAIOSH Conference Gallagher Estates May 2017. 'I'm the dot on the podium'!

Good afternoon Raynard,

How experience shines through!

On behalf of the Saiosh Conference Team we (again) thank you for presenting at our 7th Saiosh Annual conference,

I believe that the subtle and witty responses during your presentation, raises the level of a legal explanation to one where the audience can understand what you are saying and where  you are going with those  explanations.

My one regret is that technically “50 ways that you can prosecuted under the OHS Act,” at the rate of one offence per minute, leaves you with a 50 minute topic in a 45 minute slot. Perhaps cutting you short does not do justice to the subject  but you always have a neat manner in wrapping up.

We thank you again for giving your time to present at the Saiosh conference. I seem to note that the shoulder is now well on the mend?

Health and safety regards

Robin W Jones

Immediate Past President


  Annual ESKOM SHEQ Conference. 1 August 2013.



  Eskom Bellville April 2014.

Raynard Looch was a keynote speaker at the IOSH / SAIOSH Conferece at Gallagher Estates on 14 May 2014.


Letter from the President of SAIOSH

Dear Raynard,

We are grateful for the support which your company has given to Saiosh since our establishment just over 2.5 years ago. Our objectives are to promote, protect, motivate, educate and lobby for the development of Occupational Safety and Health Profession as well as the Practitioners in the field. We believe that we have been very successful in this regard. As a way to ensure that we worked for the profession and the practitioners, we interacted with a number of organisations both in SA and overseas.

We finally concentrated on the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) the chartered professional body in the UK, as offering the most support towards our objectives. As a result we initially signed a Memorandum of Understanding for closer relationships while considering additional options.

I am now happy to tell you that in agreement with IOSH our individual Members have been offered immediate membership of IOSH. Those members’ who have higher qualifications and associated experience, will be graded according to IOSH criteria. That will bring many benefits to our members. This process means creating a South African office of IOSH and the original Saiosh Founder members will be running that office under IOSH guidance.

There is to be no unilateral transfer of our Corporate Members to IOSH. In fact the IOSH organisation believes that the corporate support which Saiosh has been blessed with is absolutely unique as there is not one similar situation throughout IOSH’s membership in 85 countries. We also confirm that there is to be no transfer of any monies, paid by our corporate members, into any other overseas account. The account will be IOSH South Africa.

We therefore invite you to continue with us as Corporate Members but under the IOSH SA umbrella. There will be no change to the annual Corporate membership subscription  and you will still have all the benefits of our Corporate Membership category

We also ask you for your continued support towards the promotion and protection of the field of Occupational Safety and Health in South Africa.

Robin W Jones