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Employer OHS Champion since 1986 

Types of Corporate Subscriptions. (Restricted to companies).

Klass Looch Associates is the oldest specialised occupational health and safety (OHS) legal consultancy in South Africa. It was established in 1986 by former occupational safety court prosecutors with the aim of assisting employers in complying with the provisions of OHS legislation and to represent employers, both corporate bodies and managers, at OHS departmental inquiries or criminal prosecutions.

In keeping with this spirit, Klass Looch Associates is proud to promote its innovative Cyber Products and Services, developed to make OHS legal advice and information for employers only a mouse click away. Ideally suited for managers and OHS practitioners alike, it has already attracted subscriptions from prestigious employers such as
Anchor Yeast, Babcock Engineering, Cape Gate, Engen, First National Battery, Nampak, Sappi, Standard Bank, Rand Refinery, Columbus Stainless, AECI, Martin & East.

Subscribers are furnished with a special password which allows access to a vast array of blocked OHS information, ranging from OHS legal opinions to case studies. The website also serves as an extensive news site, mixing local with international OHS news and material. Constructed in February 2002, the website has enjoyed phenomenal success and now boasts more than a million website hits.

In addition to the on-line services, generous discounts ranging from 10% to 25%, depending on the category of Subscription, are offered for legal opinions, representation and workshops.

Major changes are in the pipeline with a draft new National Occupational Health & Safety Act which has not yet been published for comment. Other changes include various prescriptive sets of regulation such as the Construction Regulations, promulgated on 18 July 2003, which place onerous duties on clients as well as principal contactor and contractors. In this fluid OHS situation you can do with a Cyber Advisor, whatever the nature of your business.

Klass Looch Associates is dedicated to representing the OHS interests of employers in an often hostile (OHS governmental) environment and will not entertain any queries which may be construed as being prejudicial to the OHS interests of the employer (corporate body or management). All on-line queries are confidential and legally privileged. Hardcopies of all on-line queries are kept for scrutiny by the employer.

Join the growing list of Subscribers to this unique product and enjoy OHS peace of mind. This product will be particularly useful when the OHS Act is revamped and brought into line with the Mine Health & Safety Act, ultimately culminating in an entire new OHS Act. (The National Occupational Health & Safety Act).

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