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Construction regulation 12. Temporary Works

 (1)  A contractor must appoint a temporary works designer in writing to design, inspect and approve the erected temporary works on site before use.

 (2)  A contractor must ensure that all temporary works operations are carried out under the supervision of a competent person who has been appointed in writing for that purpose.

 (3)  A contractor must ensure that -

(a)  all temporary works structures are adequately erected, supported, braced and maintained by a competent person so that they are capable of supporting all anticipated vertical and lateral loads that may be applied to them, and that no loads are imposed onto the structure that the structure is not designed to withstand;

(b)  all temporary works structures are done with close reference to the structural design drawings, and where any uncertainty exists the structural designer should be consulted;

(c)  detailed activity specific drawings pertaining to the design of temporary works structures are kept on the site and are available on request to an inspector, other contractors, the client, the client's agent or any employee;

(d)  all persons required to erect, move or dismantle temporary works structures are provided with adequate training and instruction to perform those operations safely;

(e)  all equipment used in temporary works structure are carefully examined and checked for suitability by a competent person, before being used;

(f)  all temporary works structures are inspected by a competent person immediately before, during and after the placement of concrete, after inclement weather or any other imposed load and at least on a daily basis until the temporary works structure has been removed and the results have been recorded in a register and made available on site;

(g)  no person may cast concrete, until authorization in writing has been given by the competent person contemplated in paragraph (a);

(h)  if, after erection, any temporary works structure is found to be damaged or weakened to such a degree that its integrity is affected, it is safely removed or reinforced immediately;

(i)  adequate precautionary measures are taken in order to -

(i)  secure any deck panels against displacement; and

(ii)  prevent any person from slipping on temporary works due to the application of release agents;

(j)  as far as is reasonably practicable, the health of any person is not affected through the use of solvents or oils or any other similar substances;

(k)  upon casting concrete, the temporary works structure is left in place until the concrete has acquired sufficient strength to safely support its own weight and any imposed load, and is not removed until authorization in writing has been given by the competent person contemplated in paragraph (a);

(l)  the foundation conditions are suitable to withstand the loads caused by the temporary works structure and any imposed load in accordance with the temporary works design.

(m)  provision is made for safe access by means of secured ladders or staircases for all work to be carried out above the foundation bearing level;

(n)  a temporary works drawing or any other relevant document includes construction sequences and methods statements;

(o)  the temporary works designer has been issued with the latest revision of any relevant structural design drawing;

(p)  a temporary works design and drawing is used only for its intended purpose and for a specific portion of a construction site; and

(q)  the temporary works drawings are approved by the temporary works designer before the erection of any temporary works.

 (4)  No contractor may use a temporary works design and drawings for any work other than its intended purpose.